Mumian Huangzhou Hotel

Located on the bank of Qiantang River, Mumian Huangzhou Hotel is seamlessly connected with the business of China Resources MIXC World and faces Qianjiang New City across the river. It is a dynamic high-end luxury hotel integrating business travel and leisure shopping.
Mumian Huangzhou Hotel is located in the Asian Games Village, 20 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and 10 kilometers away from Hangzhou East Station. It is directly accessible by subway line 6. The airport and high-speed rail station have elevated access throughout the entire journey, which is fast and convenient. It is very convenient to visit the West Lake Scenic Area, Xianghu Tourist Resort, and the main venue of the Hangzhou Asian Games.
Mumian Huangzhou Hotel has 192 elegant rooms and luxurious river view suites, with interior design created by the renowned Australian designer team BAR STUDIO. The superior space height and private and independent room design can meet the needs of high-end business travel and leisure micro vacation stays, providing guests with an extraordinary experience.
Mumian Huangzhou Hotel has a pillar less banquet facility of over 3500 square meters, which is second to none in Hangzhou. The main banquet hall has a height of 9 meters and is equipped with a dedicated car elevator. Exhibition vehicles can directly reach the banquet hall from the ground; Advanced conference audio and video systems, circular holographic projection, and over 80 ceiling hanging points can meet the needs of various themed banquets. The sixth floor of the hotel features an outdoor terrace and conference space, perfect for showcasing leisure salons, church weddings, and outdoor themed parties, bringing guests from the hustle and bustle of the city into a quiet and private atmosphere.
You can watch the tide rising every day, and enjoy the bright neon at night. Whether it is a guest room or a banquet, you can enjoy the 270 degree Qiantang River front-line landscape.
As a national brand under China Resources Group, the hotel will welcome the great moment of the Asian Games era in Hangzhou. Mumian Huangzhou Hotel will fully participate in the reception services during the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, bringing warm and thoughtful companionship and hospitable atmosphere to world guests with the dream of an international city. Shouldering the mission of becoming a dream carrier for the interaction and collision between Hangzhou spirit and commerce.

Brand: Mumian Hotel
As one of CR Land's investment properties, the hotel business started in 2005. The hotel operations management of CR Land features a light-asset model that focuses on preliminary planning, technical consulting and operations management, aiming at expanding hotel projects in core areas of first and second-tier cities. By the end of 2022, MUMIAN, a brand of CR Land, has made its presence in key cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu, with 5 projects in operation, a managed area of 180,000 square meters and nearly 20 projects under construction.
MUMIAN stands as a high-end boutique hotel brand with international vision. It defines the latest model of stylish smart hotel through its fashion taste, distinctive character, intelligent services, unique artistic design and warm atmosphere.
Hotel History
Established in 2002
• In 2002, MUMIAN Hotel opened in Luohu District, Shenzhen, marking the birth of the brand MUMIAN under CR Land. • In 2018, Luohu MUMIAN Hotel reopened as a fashionable and smart hotel after renovation. • Hotels opened by 2022:MUMIAN Shenzhen Luohu,MUMIAN Shenzhen Bay;MUMIAN Beijing Daxing International Airport,MUMIAN Chengdu Dong'an Lake.MUMIAN Chengdu • More hotels are coming:Shanghai,Hangzhou,Rizhao……

Hotel Adress:
Building 2, Yaao City West District, Yingfeng Street ,Xiaoshan District,hangzhou,Zhejiang

Hotel Reservation Telephone:
+8620-86007566 (CouponCode:) (Busy or no answer, online booking please!)

Hotel Front Desk Telephone:
0086571-22681234 (Catering, conference,sauna,entertainment, Invoice, traffic)

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